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2014 Weekends & Tours

For tour details and contact information visit the Member-only/Weekends & Tours page.  BIKES Weekends & Tours are for members of B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County.  Make sure your membership is up to date!  Or join now .

June 14 - 15 – Reality Weekend: Bike Camping Weekend (Sat – Sun) - Self-contained bike touring is ... easier than backpacking, a great way to really experience the places you travel, and takes a little practice and fine-tuning to truly enjoy.  We'll meet to discuss your packing list and equipment on June 3 (see above), then hit the road with our bikes and gear for a camping overnight at River Meadows Park in Arlington on June 14.  BIKES and the ride leaders have some loaner equipment available - panniers and trailers.

Contact Ride Leader Kristin Kinnamon, 425-923-7868.

June 20, 21, 22 and 23 – Biking in Bend, Oregon (Fri – Mon) - There will be lots to do in Bend.  Biking and hiking, as well as outdoor concerts, interesting museums and breweries to visit.  Motel or camp, hub and spoke.  

Friday:           40 miles, steady pace, mostly flat.

Saturday:      37 or 52 miles, steady pace, some moderate hills.

Sunday:        35 or 22 miles, steady pace, some hills.

Monday:        Get off the bike! Hike, float on a tube on the Deschutes River, visit the Lava River Caves.

Tuesday: Optional Madras loop, 30 miles, steady pace, mostly flat.


July 12, 13: North Cascades Ride (Sat – Sun) - Ready to climb a challenging mountain pass? If you are training for RAMROD or another big ride this year - or just like hills (some of us do), join us for this 54-mile round trip ride up and back down Highway 20 to Rainy and Washington Pass (you can go further if you want!) We'll camp at Colonial Creek Campground Saturday night so we can ride on Sunday. Cancelled unless a new ride leader can step up. Sorry, event planner unable to participate due to minor surgery.

July 11 - 13: Whatcom County Weekend (Fri - Sun) - Come explore the rural roads and small towns of Whatcom County. Spend some time at the Old Settlers Weekend in Ferndale, eat pie in Lynden and listen to music on the green in Bellingham.  Check the members-only tour page for more details.

Friday:           45 miles, steady pace, mostly flat

Saturday:      35 miles, steady pace, mostly flat with one or two moderate hills.

Sunday:        40 miles, steady pace


August 11, 12, 13: Discovery Trail - Visit the Elwha River, bike the Discovery Trail and ride around Sequim. Check the members-only tour page for more details.

Monday: 20 miles, steady pace, mostly flat

Tuesday: 45 miles, steady pace, mostly flat with some moderate hills

Wednesday: 30 miles, mostly flat


September 4 – 8: Biking in the Islands (Thu - Mon) - Bike around Friday Harbor, Lopez Island, Vancouver Island and Victoria. Check the members-only tour page for more details.

Thursday:Friday Harbor/San Juan Island, 30 miles, steady pace, hilly.

Friday:           Lopez Island, 35 miles, steady pace, hilly.

Saturday:      Sidney to Victoria, 20 miles, steady pace, fairly flat

Sunday:        Tour Vancouver Island, 45 miles, steady pace, some hills

Monday:        Seaside Trail then back to Sidney, 45 miles, steady pace, mostly flat


September 13 -14: Birch Bay Farm Tour Weekend (Sat – Sun) - This weekend coincides with the local farm tour.  Motel or camp.  Watch for updated ride details.

Looking Ahead! Dates may change so watch the website for updates.

September 13 -18: Idaho Trails (Sat – Thu) - Centennial Trail, Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes, Route of the Hiawatha and maybe more.

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