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Leaf Ride on Snoqualmie Valley Trail Monday October 16 @ 11 AM (meet earlier for vehicle pooling -see text)

  • 14 Oct 2017 11:16 AM
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    A terrain (about 2/3rds downhill and 1/3rd level), low social pace, about 10 miles.  (There will be an option to ride another 10 miles to Duvall.)  With luck we will be crunching through fallen leaves on this trail in the woods and going over high curved bridges (you may want to bring a camera).  We will buy lunch or tea or coffee at the end of the ride in Carnation.  Poor weather or forecast cancels.  Good gravel trail is best done on mountain, hybrid, or cross bike tires but an experienced rider could do on a street bike.  Meet at Woodinville Park & Ride on east side of 140th Ave NE (Hwy 9 extended) at 10 AM just south of 179th Street to vanpool , car pool or convoy  (About 1/2 block north of former Round Table Pizza).  On the way to our starting point we will make a short stop to view Snoqualmie Falls.  Ride Leader Bill Lutterloh 360.668.9554, LutterlohB@GMail.com, cell phone day of ride is 425.870.6418.  

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