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DIYourway Ride

  • 15 Oct 2017 8:43 PM
    Message # 5316173

    DIYourway Ride:

    My theme for “#coffenuering” event this year is Tea Without Walls With A Water View. I am planning to go to Matthews Beach for one of the tea with a view dates on Wednesday, October 25th.

    I invite anyone to join me there, whether or not you are doing the challenge. The DIY part is that we will each arrive from and depart to our start point on our own, doing the number of miles we choose, to enjoy tea, company, and the view together. Bring your own drink/eats and meet me at Matthews at around 12:00.

    That said, I will be departing from Blythe Park at about 10:15ish, will slip through Logboom at about 10:45ish. Anyone preferring to ride with me can be at those points at those times.

    Bad weather will cancel this due to no view available!

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