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Sharing Wheels Makes the News!

Check out this great piece on channel Q13 about our friends at Sharing Wheels Community Bike Shop. 



The club had a good meeting on Thursday, September 8. Here are a couple of highlights from that meeting.

Veep Jim did an excellent presentation on creating routes in RideWithGPS. By the way, the club has a "club account" with RideWithGPS and you'll want to take advantage of that. To find out more information, sign into the website and select Ride With GPS Info under the Member-only drop down menu.

The club finances are in very good condition, so we voted to provide grants to three local organizations. 

1. $2,500 to Sharing Wheels Community Bike Shop

2. $1,500 to Everett Christmas House

3. $500 to Stanwood/Camano Food Bank Christmas House

The club has a long history of giving grants every year to local charitable organizations with which we have a common purpose or work closely with in club operations. 

Our next club meeting will be Thursday, October 13 at 7:00 p.m. Watch this space for details as we get closer to the meeting.

"Hey, why can't I register for a ride?"

You've heard great things about BIKES Club and you want to ride with us. So you go to the club calendar and see a ride you want to go on. But you can't register. Why not?

BIKES Club is a member-based club. What that means is that only club members are allowed to register for group rides. Maybe you're disappointed because that particular group ride looks really good. 

It's for you that we have a one month membership which only cost $10. Heck, you can't even buy a fast food lunch for $10 any more. And that lunch will only last an hour. So why not have fun for a whole month?!?! Join by clicking this link ...

Click to join BIKES Club

Join us. You'll be glad you did!


Below are some upcoming rides. Go to the club calendar for all the rides and events. As you have read above, you need to be a member of the club to join the group rides. So if you're not a member, sign up and come ride with us!

Upcoming events

02 Oct 2022 10:30 AM •
04 Oct 2022 9:30 AM • Machias Station Restroom 9:30
04 Oct 2022 10:00 AM •
04 Oct 2022 10:00 AM • Mill Creek Sports Park
04 Oct 2022 10:00 AM • Mill Creek Sports Park
06 Oct 2022 10:00 AM • Logan Park @ Locust Way & Logan Rd, Brier area


Are you a club ride leader? Have you led a club group ride this year? The club wants to thank you by buying you breakfast! Announcing the return of the ever popular ...

Ride Leaders Breakfast

Mark your calendars for this great event on Saturday, October 22 at 9:00 a.m. We'll enjoy a great breakfast at Shawn O'Donnell's in Everett and receive some RL training to boot. What could be better?

Ride Leaders, look for an invitation in your email inbox.


Chainwheel Chatter

(i.e. club newsletters)

We have all our club newsletters available on the site under About Us drop down menu. You'll find lots of good information about what's going on in the club, the rides, and some "learnin' stuff" from our fearless leaders. 

Here are the recent newsletters.

August 2022 Chainwheel Chatter

July 2022 Chainwheel Chatter

June 2022 Chainwheel Chatter

Club members -- join BIKES' Facebook group.  We've set our group up to share photos, ride reviews, bike or travel discussions, etc. Thanks to Dan Scott for managing our group, and to the many members who post.


and one trail map you can download

Here are some websites you may find useful for finding some trails, routes, state laws concerning cycling, and other stuff. Check these out, because knowing stuff is good.

Bicycling in Washington | WSDOT

Trails | Snohomish County, WA - Official Website

Bike Snohomish County - Washington Bikes



Trails for beginner cyclists



Our member Forums page is in the Community drop down menu. You can subscribe to forums to stay up-to-date on all things bike related. All members may post and reply. Find details here Forums

The latest forums ...

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