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If there is something newsworthy, it's on this page. To keep abreast of all club activities, check the Rides + Events Calendar.

Mark Your Calendars!

July 29, 2023

The BIKES Club annual summer picnic is on, and on the calendar! It'll be at our usual picnic location, with the usual fun picnic happenings. 

Also, you'll want to join a pre-picnic ride. This is a great way to work up a little appetite and justify that second hot dog you know you want to eat. Pre-picnic rides are not posted yet, but will be as Ride Leaders get around to it. Be sure to check the calendar periodically.

Registration is now open!

Details are in the calendar event. It's important to follow the instructions in the event listing, so please read it and you'll be in the know.

Note: You need to be logged in to see the details and register for the picnic.

Bike Everywhere Day

BIKES Club hosted a table at the Everett Station Bike Everywhere Day event on May 19. Here's a fun video of the event, and I think you'll see some familiar faces.

Bike Everywhere Day Video

Big thanks go out to Debby Grant and Mitch Pico who gave up their early Friday mornings to go down and represent BIKES Club.

Revised Group Size Policy

At our May all-member club meeting, the club adopted a revised policy regarding the size of our ride groups. Whether you are a Ride Leader or a group joiner or just a groupie, you'll want to know the new policy. You'll also want to know that each Ride Leader may still set a group size less than the maximum so not all groups may get as large as the new policy limit. You'll see how large each ride may get when you register for the ride. 

Here is the new policy:

Regarding Group SizeThe maximum group size on any BIKES Club group ride is 20 riders. For any rides larger than 12 riders, the Ride Leader is to recruit a Sweep and verify that the Sweep can perform the assigned duties.

Regarding the Sweep: The duties of a Sweep are defined as follows:

1) Have a phone to communicate with the Ride Leader if necessary, and know the Ride Leader’s phone number.

2) Have the route in some form (RWGPS or paper map/cue sheet) in event the group is split because of a stop light or sign, mechanical issue or rider injury. 

3) Make sure no one is involuntarily dropped off the group. If they are then stay with them and assist as necessary. The sweep shall communicate with the Ride Leader about the situation.

That's it! Pretty simple, eh? Now go out and ride your bike!

Upcoming Rides + Events

For all rides and events, see our Rides + Events Calendar.

Upcoming Tours

For all upcoming tours, see our Upcoming Tours page.

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The latest forums ...

For all forums, see our Forums page.

Bike Laws in Washington State

Do you know what the Safety Stop law is? How about which e-bikes can legally ride on sidewalks and trails? 

If you don't know these, then you ought to get a copy of the Pocket Reference Guide. Find it and more bike law information on our Bike Laws page in the Resources drop down menu.

You need one of these!

2023 BIKES Club Jerseys 

And we've made it very easy to get one. Simply place your jersey order any time in our Online Store by clicking on STORE in the menu above. Quantities and sizes are limited - don't miss out!


Chainwheel Chatter

(i.e. club newsletters)

We have all our club newsletters available on the site under About Us drop down menu. You'll find lots of good information about what's going on in the club, the rides, and some "learnin' stuff" from our fearless leaders. 

Here are the recent newsletters.

April 2023 Chainwheel Chatter

March 2023 Chainwheel Chatter

February 2023 Chainwheel Chatter

The whole kit-&-caboodle here!

Newsletter Feature

"Ask the Wrench"

Do you miss Dear Abby or Dr. Laura? Neither do we, 'cuz we've got something better!

Road Bike Wrench (aka RBW) cut his teeth by wrenching on bikes, new and vintage, for over 40 years. There's not a squeak or creak he can't track down and squash like a bad bug. Or so he claims. 

You can send your bike maintenance and equipment questions to Road Bike Wrench. You can ask him anything - simple or complex - from how much pressure should be in your tires, to whether you should go tubeless or not. If RBW deems your question worthy, he'll reply with a witty, irreverent, or truly useful answer (his choice), and it'll be published in Chainwheel Chatter for all to enjoy.

Ask your question!

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