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Welcome to Rides + Events

In the Rides + Events menu, you can access the following from the drop down menu or just click on the link.

Rides + Events Calendar - Club group rides and social events are listed in this calendar

Ride Updates Forum - Sometimes there's a last minute change to a group ride which you'll want to know about. You can subscribe to receive email notifications whenever there's an update posted in this forum, and it's a good idea to do that. 

Upcoming Tours - A Tour is just a multi-day ride. They are fun and you should consider going on one. They can take many forms which are described on the Upcoming Tours page. Go there and check it out.

Club Meetings - Find out about our all-member club meetings. When you attend a meeting, you'll find out about the latest happenings and be able to contribute to the efforts of the club. It's where a lot of stuff happens. Be a part of it and come to a meeting!

E-Bike Riders Read This:  E-bike riders and Ride Leaders should understand the BIKES Club e-bike policy.

Ride Guide

 Leisurely / Under 10 MPH  
 Social / 10 -12 MPH
 A Mostly flat / Centennial Trail
 Steady / 12 - 14 MPH  B Rolling terrain / McClinchy Mile
 Moderate / 14 -16 MPH
 C Rolling steeper hills / Camano Island
 Brisk / 16 -18 MPH
 D Difficult terrain / Whidbey Island
 Strenuous / Over 18 MPH
 E Very Difficult / Stevens Pass

You can Join the club HERE

You can also Contact Us

B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County
 PO Box 5242, Everett, WA, 98206


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