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Temporary Phase 2 Precautions for BIKES Club Rides During the COVID-19 Crisis

Some of these precautions will temporarily override other information on these web pages.

E-Bike Riders Read This:  E-bike riders and Ride Leaders should understand the BIKES Club e-bike policy.

Ride Safety Guidelines:

All riders are expected to understand and follow these guidelines for ride safety to help ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience on BIKES Club rides.

Riding signals:

  • Verbal callouts include slowing, stopping, rolling, car back, car up, car left, car right, road hazards such as hole, glass, loose dog, etc.
  • Do not callout “clear” at intersections or lane changes.
  • Hand signals for slowing, stopping, turns left or right, pointing at hazards.
  • At times a rider’s hands may be full of brake levers, so unclipping a foot should be understood as a signal for slowing or stopping.

Safe Riding Behavior:

  • Maintain situational awareness of where you are riding, and where other riders and motor vehicles are near you.  Stay safe.
  • Ride in a predictable manner in a steady line.
  • Riders make their own decisions when it is safe to crossroads and intersections.  If a group is separated by traffic lights the group should slow or stop to regroup in a safe place.
  • When a callout for “car back” is made, all riders should keep right in single file until the car passes.
  • Do not pass anyone on the right or come up alongside someone on the right unless you callout to announce your presence.
  • Do not overlap wheels with other riders.
  • Do not make sudden turns.
  • Do not ride just to the left of the Ride Leader as you will block the Ride Leader’s rearward visibility.
  • Do not wave cars to pass bicyclists.
  • Do not stand up to pedal when another rider is following closely behind.
  • Leave enough space in front of you to avoid other riders, vehicles and road hazards.
  • Ride outside the door zone along parked or stopped cars.
  • Move off the road or trail when stopping.
  • Close spaced pacelines are discouraged.
  • Do not ride with headphones or earbuds.  Exception: one ear allowable for navigational information.

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