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Let's Ride!

The bicycle is the most efficient transportation device ever invented.  Riding bicycles for recreation and transportation is the most fun way to explore our planet.  From this web page there are more pages with information to help you have successful BIKES Club rides.  Click on the tabs above for more information about:

  • Joining Us for a Ride
  • COVID-19 Info
  • Online Ride Registration
  • Ride Safety Guidelines
  • E-Bikes
Have a good ride!

2020 Snohomish County Bicycling and Trail Map

Do you want to plan your own route for a bike ride?  In the olden days paper was the only means available for maps.  Now maps are available electronically for your viewing pleasure or printing enjoyment.  Here's the link for the latest bicycling and trail map for Snohomish County:


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