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Overnights & Tours 2020

BIKES Club tours and weekends are put together with the idea that riding and sight-seeing are more enjoyable for a group. 

    Bicycle rides are typically one day activities.  Rides of more than 1 day are considered a tour. 

    • A tour shall not exceed 5 days of bicycling per insurance limitations.  
    • Tours over 5 days of bicycling require approval by our insurance provider.

    All BIKES Club rides and tours are limited to the USA only per our insurance provider.

    The following list of tours is tentative - organizers need to hear from you that you are interested, or a tour may be canceled. Contact the ride leader by the RSVP date to express your interest and confirm details.

    Tour Tips

    • Tours are for members of B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County - we welcome you to join the club!  Then, make sure your membership stays up to date! 
    • Riders cover their own costs for food and lodging, and share transportation costs if applicable (for SAG or carpools). Make your own reservations.
    • Have your bike in good repair, and be ready to ride some hills and the distances involved. 
    • Everyone should have the equipment and know how to deal with a flat tire.  
    • If you want to diverge from the intended routes, plan to communicate with the ride leader and be able to find your own way.

    HS = hub & spoke (stay all nights in one motel/campground

    Credit Card = stay in hotel/motel, carry own luggage

    Self-contained = haul own luggage for camping

    Trail of the Couer d’Alenes - September 19th - 24th, 2021

    For further information contact ride leader Rick Proctor (BikeHound@comcast.net) or Cindy Proctor (proctorcj28@comcast.net) by Saturday July 31st, 2021.

    Register on the Calendar page.  Group size limited to 8 riders including the ride leader.

    • 6 days with 1st and 6th day car travel to & from Wallace, ID.

    • 4 days of bike riding.

    • Sunday September 19th to Friday September 24th, 2021.

    • 5 hotel nights, no camping.

    • 145+ bike miles.

    • Carry your gear on your bike for nights in hotels, using restaurants when available. Picnic lunches likely. 

    • "A" terrain at a steady pace on mostly paved surfaces.

    • The plan:

      • Day 1 Drive 375 miles to Wallace, ID for 1st night.

      • Day 2 Bike 49 paved miles Wallace to Harrison for 2nd & 3rd nights.

      • Day 3 Bike 32 paved miles Harrison to Plummer round trip.

      • Day 4 Bike 49 paved miles to Wallace for 4th & 5th nights.

      • Day 5 Bike 15 paved miles Wallace to Mullen round trip.

      • Day 6 Drive 375 miles to home.

    • Foul weather, smoke, other awesome bad stuff cancels.

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